A little about RISA TANANIA...

With over 13 years of experience in documentary style and reality programming, Risa’s approach to media training is vastly different from most. “Authenticity, above all other qualities, comes first.” In fact, she has made a career out of this mantra as she strongly believes pulling one’s own voice out is the key to being successful and respected in the new landscape of television. Gone are the days of classical, “on air” camera training methods.

The audience’s ear has become so attuned to authenticity that they will tune out any other too quickly.
We focus on projection, rhythm, confidence, accent…all of the crucial hosting 101 stuff, but the juice is in the story.
Their story.

Risa has workshopped with hosts, financial and legal experts, actors, surgeons and entrepreneurs… all who find that her story-producing and in-depth training translates across multiple mediums. She offers both intimate, one-on-one sessions as well as group classes, small and large.

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*Private hour or 2 hour sessions at The House that Casting Built’s Manhattan office.
*Finding your inner story and approach within that context
*On site coaching at booked events, auditions or shoots.
*Reel, headshot and past work critiques
*Phone or Skype work whenever needed

For pricing, please contact info@thehousethatcastingbuilt.com


"Risa is the real deal. She truly cares about the people she works with, and spends time understanding their needs, challenges and opportunities. Her advice is actionable and fun, and most importantly, it works. Risa's down-to-earth approach has definitely helped me get to the next level." 
–Lauren Lyons Cole, Personal Financial Expert and Planner

"Ok, you want to know the truth? The truth is I am not a believer in bullsh*t. For that reason, I’m not really a believer in classes, but what I can say is this: RISA TANANIA is REAL. And for me she WAS that teacher. She is honest, and herself and that’s what she’ll extract from you, which is the BEST THING possible if you are looking to get into hosting. She’ll let you know what about you isn’t working, and then chisel her way to a modification. Furthermore, she understands the revolving door that is TV in it’s current medium, and she’ll pair the potential opportunities with your persona. I’ll be working with her for a long time."
–Tim Shelton, Actor and Host

"If you want to take your hosting to the next level, Risa can get you there. I went from having a DREAM of being a full-time host (having worked at top technology and finance companies but having no background in the industry) to BEING full-time host in LESS THAN THREE YEARS of working with Risa. Being a host is about bringing your holistic self to the camera and showing that… which I didn’t realize before working with Risa. Most coaches focus so much on your tone or delivery on camera, which is important, but fixing just those won’t make you a better host in the long term. Risa gets this and creates a personalized, holistic plan to let your skills shine for the industry. Not only has my on-camera PRESENCE and DELIVERY greatly improved (which I now use on LIVE, UNSCRIPTED TV), but I feel more myself, more filled with joy than ever which is a byproduct of working with her that is truly priceless."
Leslie Delery, Host, JTV